Muskegon Summer Celebration - Muskegon MI - 7/8

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After seeing the Nashville and Milwaukee shows which I loved both, I was now on my way to Muskegon Michigan to see my last show for now. I was tired but very excited. Got a later start than I wanted and ended up rushing which caused me to get a speeding ticket outside of downtown Milwaukee. It cost me 189 dollars! Ouch! But I thought the speed limit was 65 officer, I was hoping it was but it was 55 oh well that was the worst thing that happened to me this weekend besides the terrible heat it's not that bad! It could have been worse plus there was a good side, in Wisconsin they don't keep your license like they do in Illinois and I was worried about being able to fly to the next New Cars concert I was going too. Slow start but off I went I don't remember how long it took me maybe 4 hrs. and then I lost an hour because of the time change in Michigan. Checked in to another great hotel that was walking distance to the Summer Celebration got ready and waited in line with a ton of people. I thought there is no way I will be up front for this show! So tired but happy and excited! People brought lawn chairs and I knew this ahead of time but mine was not put in my car so I stopped and bought one and ended up using it for 5 mins. the whole night.

I got in and was able to set my chair up in the 3rd row, believe me I don't know how this happened. I met 2 great couples in line and ended up sitting next to them but I saw there was a big open area before the fence which was before the stage. So I asked the security guards about standing by the fence in front of the stage and they said that anyone could stand there! Got something to eat and 2 bottles of water because of course it was hotter than HE _ _! Stood next to these 2 college guys, one of which knew a lot about Todd which really surprised me. They made the time go by fast. The back-up band was good but I just wanted to see the New Cars and it was HOT and I was tired but of course very excited! What saved me was the one guy blocked the sun for me, thank goodness!

The New Cars finally came on and the show was Fantastic just like the others. The crowd was big and excited. It was worth the wait! It was so much fun! The young girls to the left of me didn't even know who the New Cars were which amazed me because they waited a long time and they had a great time. Todd and Elliott would come down the front of the stage to be closer to the crowd which was great! Elliott had thrown a guitar pick in my area and I asked the security guy if I could have it then I told him to give it to the one college guy instead. The college guy was also trying to get a set list after the concert. I hope he got one. While the New Cars were playing the last song "Let the Good Times Roll" the fireworks started which was a great ending to a perfect evening. Maybe next time I do this I could just ride in the New Cars bus, please I'll pay for gas!!! (hee hee)

Rock Love, Karen

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7/08/2007 - Muskegon Summer Celebration - Muskegon, MI

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