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The day was hot - scorching sun every bit of 90 degrees and then some but that is what summer festivals are all about. The day turned into evening and all that changed was the sun went down. It was just as hot - the air seemed still around this stage and as Todd put it - HUMID! Like we were all dripping sweat - not just the band. Waiting for the band to set up - someone comes out with burning sage or sweet grass - to clear the energy. And place the Tiki God on stage. Now the band is ready to rock!

This is my 4th New Cars show. But first this season and I was overdue! I staked out my seat up front and waited for the guys. Enjoyed all the bands on stage - although a little shade would have been nice. Good to see old friends - and enjoy the show together.

Todd and Elliot were on fire! The guitars were smokin. Kasim's bass on Candy-O is unmistakable. This version is so much hotter than the original - I can't even describe it. Of course when they slow it down to Warm and Drive - they leave me speechless. This show has everything anyone could ask for. Great pop tunes from the Cars - Todd playing his incredible heart out on Black Maria and Open My Eyes. Kasim singing Drive and driving the bass so hard on every song you feel it in your chest. Prairie makes everything seem effortless as he his pounding out the rythmn. Elliot still amazes me - because I saw the Cars back in the day and I never saw the talent he displays now. 2 guitar greats on 1 stage - can't ask for much more - except then you add Greg and his keyboard playing blends everything - and if that's not enough - he'll wail on the saxophone. Add the Tiki atmosphere and Bang the Drum with a little wiki wiki and what you see is 5 great friends - loving what they are doing. And ya know what - we are loving it too.

I will see another show....."But Not Tonight".......darn

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7/07/2007 - Summerfest - Milwaukee, WI

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