Summerfest - Milwaukee WI - 7/7

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Flew into Chicago from Nashville, (went to the show last night) picked up my car and drove 1 1/2 hrs. to Milwaukee. Stayed in a nice hotel and chilled out for awhile but couldn't go to sleep too excited! Took a bus to Summerfest and it was packed, lines to get in were long, it was around 5 or so. Then I took the Skyway over to where The New Cars were playing because it was way over on the over side of the fest, that Skyway scares me to death but I was too tired to walk. Talked to the Radio DJ Marla who was in a trailer by where the New Cars were going to play and she knew who Todd was and said she would play something. I don't know what she played because I went and got my seat in the 3rd row and the band before the New Cars was playing. Sat by some great people, one guy had 6 kids and told some great stories about how he was a drummer in the early days and lived on the east coast. It sounded like he really loved it a lot but kinda gave it up for family. Nice guy. Todd fan, we talked about the old days.

It seemed like it took forever for the New Cars to come on but that's because of waiting for hours and it was hotter than he_ _! So humid! I think they came on around 9ish and it sounded Great as always but Elliott was having trouble with his guitar and finally ended up changing guitars after maybe the 3rd song. He was not happy and who could blame him. I noticed when Elliott smokes during the concert he is not happy plus it was hotter than he_ _! Everyone did their best to get through the heat. The people in front of me left to go stand somewhere else so I got to stand in the 2nd row. Then these 2 young girls were overcome by the heat so they left with their parents and I got to stand on the bench in the first row. It was so PERFECT! The band was Great. I don't know how they can play in heat like that! The crowd was big and cheering loud. At every show I find someone that hasn't seen it before and then afterwards I ask that same person what they thought and every single person I have asked have been blown away! It is so worth going to see! There are a lot of great concert footage of this show on YouTube! On to Michigan!

Rock Love, Karen

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7/07/2007 - Summerfest - Milwaukee, WI

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