July 7th, 2007 -- Summerfest, Milwaukee

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Walking into the facility for Milwaukee's Summerfest is a lot like walking into DisneyWorld, except that rides and major attractions have been replaced with performance stages, arranged so that bleed-through sound between stage areas is minimized. The Classic Rock stage is all the way at the back of the site, right up against the water, so waiting for showtime was lots of fun because of the view. Kasim walked out a couple of times before the show, and was quite affable.

On this, the tenth of eleven nights of multiple stages of music, said to be the fortieth of it's kind, The New Cars showed a large crowd "how it's done". This outdoor stage for "Classic Rock" shows has bleacher seating on the tarmac for maybe 200, with standing room for possibly another 2000-or-so, and the place was jumpin'! More than half the bleacher occupants were standing on the bleachers before the guys even came out, and then never sat down. The energy level and the communication between artists and audience were as good as I've ever seen, resulting in a very special night for all.

I decided to watch this show from the very back of the audience area, so that I could get that "long-distance" effect on the sound, and it was a wonderful change from the "up close and personal" seats I usually go for. At nearly 100 Yards away, the sound was still clear and punchy, and the stage antics were easy to see. This is the "arena rock" perspective that The New Cars were touring last year, before Elliot's unfortunate episode involving momentum and bones.

Musically, there seemed to be a little more "swing" to the guys' musical communication, but it actually fit right in with the "festival" atmosphere of Summerfest, and did not reduce the overall sense of "tightness" we've come to associate with The New Cars.

I spent much of the time handing out WiB's cards promoting the upcoming ad in Rolling Stone Mag, and had several conversations with new fan acquaintances and old fan friends. I was greatly surprised with the positive attitude that most folks had. . . for every person who didn't know who TR is there were 5 who became very animated and friendly when they figured out what I was trying to hand them, and why. And, surprise of surprises, as I was handing out cards after the encores were over, someone said to me, "The biggest Todd-fan of all is over here. . . " and it was CathyLeeB!" We recounted memories, including her wonderful interview with TR back in 2000 on the live internet broadcast from the TR-i2K partay ( a transcript of which is available at: http://www.loudandclean.com/CLB+TR-iview.txt )

Kasim's silken voice was back for "All Mixed Up" and "Drive", and if anything he's gotten better with the vocals for these tunes during his tenure with Meatloaf's show. Absence makes the heart grow fonder?

This was my eleventh TNC show, and each show just makes me want to see more. Anyone who is a Todd fan or a Cars fan REALLY needs to give themselves one of these shows. Now is the time!

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7/07/2007 - Summerfest - Milwaukee, WI

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