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I was in Lenox to see the Todd show and really enjoyed it. It was a hike from southern New Hampshire to the Berkshires but sitting in the front row directly in front of Kasim made me feel better about the rain. Todd was in great voice. The band was a little loose I thought. There were some monitor problems had by Kasim ,Elliot and Prarie. For the 1st half of the show Elliot was constantly unable to hear I’m guessing his guitar or his vocal. And me and my girlfriend were pretty much listening to what was coming out of Kasim’s monitor all night. He was pretty loud coming out of there…But the Todd performance…He hit everything he sang and had a great energy on stage. His guitar was a little down in the mix but that was probably by design. He’s pretty much just a rhythm guy in this band. He did 4 “Todd” songs. I believe in this order “saw the light” “black Maria” “bang the drum” and “open my eyes”…none of them were great. They were more just on the average energy average performance. Nothing really inspired but cool. The rest of the set was the Cars greatest Hits stuff. But performed with some urgency and electricity . I believe this was Kas’s first show of the tour. He seemed to be getting some assistance from all of the players during different song’s. On one tune you could see Greg Hawks humming or mouthing the bass line to sort of remind Kas of his part…then Kas picked up the cue and began playing his correct part. It’s cool what you see in the first row!!!!

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7/04/2007 - Tanglewood - Lenox, MA

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