Independence Day, 2007

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What could be better than Independence Day at Boston Symphony Orchestra's Summer Home, Tanglewood in Lenox, Massachusetts -- arguably "the first" outdoor "shed" performance venue, in the Berkshire Mountains, steeped in history. Add to the ingredients a picnic on the grounds in the afternoon, a great blues band with a Massachusetts heritage as the front group, The New Cars as the Main Attraction and fireworks after, and it sounds like a sure-fire recipe for "the best fourth ever"!

Oh, wait, I forgot to tell you about one other ingredient. . . rain, and lots of it. Well, as usual The New Cars don't let a little inclement weather stop them from putting on a great show. From first note to last, they were tight, bright and outa-sight. Kasim was back on stage after a long detour with Meatloaf, and he seemed ecstatic to be back in the engine compartment with Prairie Prince, churning out the power that makes this band such a mean machine.

Todd's wit was in evidence several times, and Elliot got a good one in as well. . . he was relating the story about asking Todd 'where he'd like to play on the fourth, and Todd said, "Why, Boston, of course!" So here we are in Lenox.' ( heh )

In spite of the weather and a mostly no-show audience for the lawn seating, THIS fourth was certainly among "the very best" of my life.

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7/04/2007 - Tanglewood - Lenox, MA

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