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I thoroughly enjoyed TNC's last incarnation out, last year. I saw 4 of the LA area shows and will always remember Todd's solo on Black Maria (at House of Blues Anaheim, last show of that tour) ... Then I was a bit depressed about missing Todd's recent east coast tour with Tony, Jesse, and Jerry... And was uplifted when I saw TNC were coming to the Canyon Club. Talk about mood swings!~ Todd has been amazing-working and playing like crazy. Thank you Todd!

Well, the TNCs were fantastic. They were both musically tight and rocking loose. My 2 girlfriends and I were right up at the stage. Love it!

I do not know what is Todd's secret but he has captured the fountain of youth. I am going to be a bit superficial here, but Todd has never looked better. He wore these amazing rock and roll black pants with silver dots, and was lean and atheletic-leaps and dancing, his hair is incredible, and being up close- his skin is flawless. Along with his usual off the wall banter he made a few delightfully funny sexual asides proving he is still the ageless bad boy who backs it up with such charisma.

Elliot's playing was sizzling, but there was this one amazing solo. I am sorry I can not remember the song, but it was gorgeous and electrifying. He is ever the people person, communicates generously with his guitar. I am so happy he has healed from the injury, and since my family once lived in Bell Canyon, I get a kick out of his mentioning his Bell Canyon contingent.

Atom, in his burgudy striped suit, was funky elegant as was his steady strong bass playing. I thought I would be disappointed with out Kasim ( no offense to Atom, it's just that seeing TR and KS together is especially potent) but Atom added a tough punky vibe, and has a beautiful, warm smile too.

Greg, his glossy white head of hair shining in the lights and so calmly keeping the supportive beautiful chords moving along, he radiates gentle strength.

Prairie, lean and handsome, also steady and strong. He too has only gotten better and better. He kept us all moving!

Yes we were up, dancing, SO hot, sweaty, crammed up to the stage...Todd mentioned how hot the stage lights were ( he wanted to get rich and famous and buy the Canyon Club so he could replace the lights... ) but it was not just the lights ... He was sweating , we were sweating, they were jamming, we were was a special party and completely fantastic. One of the best shows ever.

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6/28/2007 - Canyon Club - Agoura Hills, CA

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