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I am a decades old transplant to the Pacific Northwest from the Cleveland area. And I am a Todd Head. A somewhat starving Todd Head. We don't get these chances to see him nearly as much as some of you lucky folks in other parts of the country. That's ok - I'll fly across the country or drive many hours one way for a show, I'm that addicted. So imagine my excitement when I saw that our little upper left hand corner was included on The New Cars tour this year, only an hour away in Tulalip!

This is the first time I've come away mystified and disappointed.

But it wasn't the fault of TNC - they put on a pretty tight partial show. What they played was great. Todd was great. But it was an axed show. The weather godds were not smiling on this evening - there was squally rain moving in. Several tunes in, the band stopped playing and threw tarps over everything and promised to come back when it let up - around here, that could be about August. It was an "anti-electrocution prevention" tactic, as Todd put it. Smart man. I don't want to see them electrocuted either. After about 20-30 minutes it let up, and they came back and kicked out some very nice versions of "Not Tonight" and "You're All I've Got" and a couple of other tunes. More ominous looking rain clouds began to drift towards us. Todd yelled his thank you and goodnight, and I truly thought he was kidding. But they left the stage! A very short wait for the full encore, which included a great round of "Open My Eyes". And then they were gone, running for cover in the rain. Several tunes omitted on the set list here. Notably, no "Drive" and, most very disappointing to me, no "Black Maria". One consolation prize was the awesome full rainbow that showed up behind the band during the encore. But one question burns in my mind: Why would anyone build an open stage venue in Famously Wet Western Washington, in a locally known meteorological hazard area called "The Convergence Zone" and not build it in such a way as to protect performers (and crew) from the elements so that they are not risking their lives and equipment to put on a show?? I don't get it. This was my first, and last, visit to this venue. I'd rather invest in a plane ticket. Too bad about the rain and the poor venue, guys - you deserve so, so much better - and thanks for what you gave us.

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6/24/2007 - Tulalip Amphitheatre - Tulalip, WA

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