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I finally got to a Todd Rundgren & The New Cars show this year (Mystic Lake Casino in Prior Lake, Minnesota), the last show of this leg until the tour resumes in June.

After moving back to Minneapolis over a year ago, last August I reconnected with a long-time "friend". Long story short, I moved to Wausau, Wisconsin, I now commute 200 miles to Minneapolis once a week for work, and Mark and I will get married this summer.

As I've always said to my gentlemen friends over the years, "Love me, Love Todd Rundgren ~~ package deal!" Well, it was time to introduce Mark to my music and lyrical inspiration for over 30 years.

At noon May 14 I went to the Mystic Lake Casino site and was routed to TicketBastard for tickets. I was worried we'd get nose-bleed seats the day of the show. But, no, we got Tier B, Row G ~~ 7th row with just a few hours to go. "What the hell?, I wondered, "Will anybody be there?" Oh well, we'll see when we get there. I ordered our tickets ($106.80!) for Will Call pick up. I put a stack of post cards Wibbly sent me ( ) in my purse and we set out for the 200 mile drive to Minnesota. As the Casino would be a DRY HOUSE we stopped at my parents' house in Minneapolis for pre-show cocktails. I put together a bouquet of fresh lilacs, lilies of the valley and pussy willows to give to the band.

Ten miles later we parked for free and entered the casino. I put stacks of TODDATA postcards on the merchandise table and ran into sound man, Jim. He offered to deliver my bouquet backstage, yay! At Will Call, they offered us a free upgrade and gave us THIRD ROW CENTER seats. Not bad for last minute planning. Wouldn't you know, the couple next to us were casino regulars and were given free tickets that day and there were empty seats all around us (I'm talking the first six rows). I stood up and looked back in the crowd hoping any of my Minneapolis-St. Paul Todd fans would recognize me, but no. Where are the die-hard fans??? ~~ incredible!

I had a great time watching Todd and The New Cars up close with my man, Mark. Being a guitar player, he really enjoyed "Black Maria"! We were not graced with the large stage set-up with the risers and video monitors, and it was still a great show.

After show we waited stage side and a roadie gave Mark one of Prairie's well-used drum sticks. Other fans got set lists and Todd's guitar picks.

I saw a small group of seven fans to the right of the stage and took Mark over to them. Guy had seen me last year at the Hinckley, Minnesota show. Jerry and his friends had an extra VIP pass and generously handed it to me (THANKS you guys!!!). A big Mystic security guard, Matthew, ushered the eight of us down the back hall way and into an elevator to the fourth floor Green Room. Prairie was the only band member in the room so far and the VIP group was there to meet him anyway. I asked Prairie if Mark could join us, so PP sent his assistant down to fetch Mark.

The Green Room counters were lined with high quality deli trays and bins of sodas and waters (again, a DRY CASINO, boo hoo!). Prairie offered us all to delve into the treats. Thanks Prairie!

Another fan popped his head in, and Prairie cried, "Jeff!". Jeff Hagen is a big Jefferson Airplane and Prairie Prince fan, so we VIP fans had Prairie all to ourselves. Moments later Atom and Todd entered the room and the noise level was raised. Sorry to say Elliot and Greg didn't join us in the Green Room.

Photos were taken and thank you's given to Prairie, Todd and Atom. As it was the last show of this leg of the tour, the band was eager to get to their hotel rooms and rest for their trips home tomorrow to all directions of the U.S.

That's about it for now. Hope to see some of you at Summerfest and other Mid West shows next month!

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5/14/2007 - Mystic Lake Casino - Prior Lake, MN

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