Prior Lake MN / 5.14.07

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Since there hasn't been a review on this show I thought it was important to add one. The Mystic Lake Casino was a great place to see "The New Cars". The Casino/Hotel was very nice and the people that work there were FANTASTIC! Food was great also. Bad thing, totally dry, no liquor. Good thing, no drunks! The stage was huge and the sound was GREAT! The people who worked the show were so nice and helpful. The band looked GREAT and SOUNDED GREAT! Everyone was tight and having a good time.

Elliot and Todd really compliment each other very well. It was the first time I got to see Atom play with the band and I thought he did a great job, though I missed Kasim. I got to meet Atom in the elevator and he was very nice. My favorite song was WARM, LOVE IT!!! There were so many like Black Maria just ROCKED! Also, LOVE Dangerous Type, Not Tonight, Bye Bye Love, Open My Eyes and Let The Good Times Roll. It was really a GREAT SHOW! (Wish it was longer and would have loved hearing More)

Most important, whether your a Cars fan or Todd fan this is a great show to see. You won't regret it. I have been a Todd/Kasim/Utopia fan for almost 30 years (I started at 2 hee hee) and I've listened to The Cars on the radio in the 80's and it has been worth every mile I've traveled. A great mix of such talented musicians and great guys.

See you in July!

Rock Love,

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5/14/2007 - Mystic Lake Casino - Prior Lake, MN

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