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With all the smog from recent Florida forest fires, Cypress Gardens-front row-center- still kicked ass! There really growing as a band, each member anticipating one anothers styles. The big supprise for me was when they played the first half of "Bang on the drum all day"(you know acoutic/acapella and then I was of the realization that Prairie and Greg had vanished.Wel they snuck back to thier respective kits and then BOOM-"BANG ON THE DRUM " the way it was recorded and then some complete with keys ,GTRs,drums and a kickin bass solo from that dude that looks so much like Benjamin Orr that its hauting(in a good way).Also , in Kasims absence (touring w/Meat) left Todd Rundgren to sing "Who's Gonna Drive You Home"- otherwise known as "Drive "not to be confused with TRs "Drive"that he has been doing recently.Totaly awsome!..And,for all the ney-sayers that think TRs replacing Rick Ocasick-if you look at it mathmatically-TRs job has got to reflect Ben Orrs singing by about 30% of the show-30% Rundgren which leaves 60% for Ricks parts, no small task!

Elliot Easton is simply fabulous! They say that if you break a bone it heals stonger! Well, he's back, and stronger than ever! Greg Hawkes was getting his sound tight before the show and I only wish I had some magic mushrooms listening to him get those sounds on his Juno key board -a very unpredictable instrument. You have to become part of that keyboard to master it live and very few ever have like Greg.

Then came the meet and greet afterwards and that was so much fun! I highly recommend it! Well, that ends my mini tour in Fla. Next is Westbury NY for me. Other songs I can rmember were Candy-O/Black Maria/Open My Eyes /Lets Go/Best Friends Girl/Drive/Bye Bye Love/I Saw The Light/Not Tonight/and many others - GREAT BAND!!!!!!!!!!

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5/12/2007 - Cypress Garden - Winter Haven, FL

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