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Well made my annual TR pilgramage ... more then a year i get kinda squirrily for my Runt fix .. aside from missing my exit on the mass pike .. added 2 plus hours to my trip grrr.. i had a great time Toads was a cool venue despite the fact that Big Brother was watching ..Yea the cabbie pointed out survailence cams on the way in .. Trapped indeed.... got a great seat up front next to the unofficial /official photographer who was quite beautiful i might well as friendly ..we chatted on and off and even danced a bit to WWEP .... most Tr fans are .very cool . and thats part of why i love em so much Todd and the band were in great spirits ..laying down a killer show powered by Michael on drums .. what a awsome drummer he was too ... Todd was doing the rock star guitar heroe poses lol .. and the energy was high .. always great to hear Kaz sing on anything such a unique voice , and Jessee rocked mightly al night .. i had a chance to talk with him after the show about his gear set up etc .. he was very attentive to what i said and even took a with the url of my music site .. and said hed give it a listen .. Thanks Jesse hope you enjoy my music as much as ive loved yours .. the staff at Toads were great i asked for the poster for the event and they went way out of there way to se i got it .. Ty Toads staff.. and later on was able to get Tr to autograph it . ive always admired the fact that Todd usually takes time to sign stuff and stand for pix ,, and he always seems so humble .. no rock star attitude ... "Touche " Mr Rundgren the beautiful lady from Albany .. who gave Tr the peace sign magnet .. if your going to the rochester shows maybe we can hook up ill be coming from NH right thru Albany .be a much more enjoyable trip with company .... drop me a line @ ..or any one that remembers me the guy from NH lol say hi and ty to Hollie for inviting me to join her table ...wel Love ya All see ya in Rochester .. "Brother Ezekial.. aka Michael Meattey .. Peace

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12/18/2007 - Toad's Place - New Haven, CT

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