Birchmere 12/16/07

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I have been a devotee of Todd, his music and performances for over three decades, however last nights performance was one of those Iíve read about on this site before Ė not so tight. It was a great, loud, rockiní set, and the playlist was really a nice collection of things that we donít usually hear, and which did span the decades. I was glad not to have to listen to the routine stuff Ė Bang the Drum, Hello Itís Me, etc. So, the playlist was fun to hear, but the group really lacked any enthusiasm or cohesion and there were quite a few mistakes by Todd and the band members, sweet Kasim included. It was a tough set though, and right from the start, it was clear there were not going to be a lot of clean vocals. Todd really pushed the limits on his voice.

I had expected, it being a smaller venue, to have some intimacy, but it was as if Todd didnít want to be there, and as a group they werenít ready to be there. I understand they had just traveled down the eastern seaboard through storms, and I see theyíre going right back up to CT today, but there were very few smiles, or comments that would connect with the audience.

The seating was fantastic at the Birchmere though Ė you can get right up to the stage, and have a great view.

Iím looking forward to the next tour that Todd puts together though, hopefully itíll be as comprehensive, but better rehearsed.

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12/16/2007 - The Birchmere - Alexandria, VA

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