Dec. 16th Birchmere, Alexandria, Va Review. Todd is still 'Guitar God'

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Saw Todd Dec. 16th at The Birchmere in Alexandria, Va. and his Guitar Playing was smoking. Could be the Best I've ever seen Him Play. Un-frickin believeable. A guy sitting across from us said he's been playing guitar 30 Years, plays like Pat Matheny, and he still can't figure out how the heck to Play the Guitar as good as Todd! I believe him. No wonder why he said to my friend Greg, who is also a guitar player, right before the show, 'this man' 'Todd' is a 'Guitar God'.

This show was better than the last one Todd played here at the State Theatre in Falls Church, Va. in April, 07, also, cuz the Drummer Michael Urbano was on the top of his game and kept the band together, as tight as possible. Kasim & Jesse were teriffic as usual, and played a huge part in this fantastic rythymn section, as well.

Also, I can't thank enuff my good friend Jamie for having the Sound Man turn up Todd's Guitar at the recent Rex Theatre show in Pittsburgh, Pa. Cuz it seemed to carry over to our Show. Todd responded to Jamie's request 'Turn Up Your Guitar, Todd', by saying 'The Customer Is Always Right'! 'You heard the man'. Thanks Todd!

Some of the Best Sounding Guitar Solos I ever Heard from Todd were on Buffalo Grass, Black Maria & #1 Lowest Common Denominator. The Guitar leads in particular in #1 Lowest Common Denominator were like having Multiple Orgasms, I swear. Best Sex ever without having the actual Sex, so to speak! It figures, since #1LCD is about sex, in the 1st place.

I'm still in Awe and am still convinced that no one on the planet can play Lead Guitar as well as 'Mr. Rundgren'!


Belmont Bay, Va.

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12/16/2007 - The Birchmere - Alexandria, VA

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