Mixing it up at the Blender 12/11/07

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This is a show to take the extra effort to see. A last minute Ticketmaster purchase turned out to be a good call. However the day wasn’t looking to promising to see this quartette. Leaving Traverse City Michigan on a normal snowy Dec day ended up getting ugly before I arrived at the Blender. An hour and a half delay in Detroit, an hour holding pattern over Newark. A train ride into Penn Station, three sub trains to 23rd street was pushing the envelope to the max. My ticket confirmation from TM said a start time at 7:00. Not leaving Newark until 6:20 I knew I would be missing some songs. Having seen this tour last fall in Toronto, Atlanta, Anaheim, SD, SF, and Vegas I knew this show would be worth the all out scramble it was going to take to get to the gig.

Running down 23rd street at 7:45 I thought a good 45 minutes of the show would have been missed. Knowing that # 1, mystified, w.w.e., loomed late in the set list I knew my $’s would be well worth just being able to see these heavy hitters.

Out of breath saying my name to the box office person they informed me the show had not started. My 7:00 perceived start was only the time in which the doors swung open.

Its 15 minutes to show time so I check my winter garb and order me up some of Newark’s finest. (I noticed outside my Newark hotel there was a huge Bud Plant.)

The blistering begins on time with the previously listed set list as being the entertainment for this evening. During the show after Todd nails one of his countless guitar solo’s OH tends to his finger as if it was like Rex and or Randy getting plunked with 90 MPH two seam fastball. Todd picks himself off the dirt and delivers a tape measure home run of a show.

Todd’s energy and enthusiasm is contagious his fan base is standing and showing there appreciation to the bands effort. It was nice to see Michael, absent since the nearly human days, (welcome back). Kaz and Jesse delivered another flawless live performance.

Looking forward to hitting some Midwest shows this Jan however the word may be getting out on the connection. Park West’s 1/25 show sold out in one day. I snoozed and messed up.

Todd call Park West and arrange for another show. Saturday 1/26 would be perfect.

Tell the management “who you think you’re messing with “!!

Tell the unknown band that is playing on Saturday Nite to give up their time slot so the boys can have a two night gig in Chicago !!

Anyone with a couple extra 1/25 ticks give me an email at spaine@fablite.com

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12/11/2007 - Blender Theater at Gramercy - New York, NY

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