Blender Theater 12/11/07

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It's always good to go to a Todd show and meet new wonderful, warm people. I had a great vantage point (front row right, right next to the vandals! VANDALS! who put Trapped on the set list...sorry, I couldn't reach the one by me, guys, I tried!), and it was a slammin' show. The mix was terrible from where I was, but I was so close I could actually hear Kasim Sulton's unamplified voice. My husband walked around a bit and said the sound was much better everywhere else in the venue...but I was close enough to get sweated on, and hey, I can get a perfect mix at home, so I was fine with it.

You already know the set list so I won't go into it--I'll attach a picture, though it's not of the "modified" one with Trapped on it-- anyway, smoking guitar, songs we love, kickass musicians, warm fun atmosphere. The only downer was the evil security guard afterwards. Apparently you need to be a record company lackey who's never heard of the guy to get the all-powerful PASS and get into the meet-and- greet. Phooey. But a bunch of us were lucky enough to catch Todd outside, just before he caught a cab with his daughter, and he was gracious enough to autograph my Foolish Ukulele and some other peoples' stuff. Kaz was also really nice and thanked me for the pin I gave him (you can see it on his bass strap in the pictures).

Hope to get to Connecticut next week and see the front-row people again. I'll bring a Sharpie!

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12/11/2007 - Blender Theater at Gramercy - New York, NY

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