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I have to the NYC show last night was amazing. I trained into the city alone and as always met lots of nice people. My usual TR friend whom I always meet in NYC had seated loge tickets and I had the cheap GA standing tickets. Of course for me this meant that if I couldn’t sit, I wasn’t standing in the back so I was right in the front row…..close enough to have Todd share his sweat, which he did by the end of the show when he was totally nuts, even to the point of shaking his head to the point he lost his glasses.

The set list was the same and I won’t bore you all with details. However in the time we waited for them to come out, (which seemed like forever), we got a look at the set list when Randy taped it to the floor. I was SO disappointed when I saw that Trapped wasn’t on the list. A few of us decided this was unacceptable. We took a black marker and wrote Trapped at the top of Todd’s set list. Then we waited…..When the band came out Todd didn’t even look at the list. He played about 5 songs before he looked down. We kindly told him he forgot something and he laughed but made some sort of comment about not brining that stuff out yet. When the band returned for the encore Todd sang a beautiful rendition of the Hawking. After the Hawking, Todd said that since we had been so good … ….and sure enough they played Trapped. It was the best Christmas present ever and I hope that those of you going to future shows get to hear it as well.

I am not going to the show tonight so I will be anxious to see if they play it again. I trust Michelle and Sherri will make sure that Trapped is once again written on the list. I will be at the Pony on Thursday so I am already wondering if I can find a way to get Trapped on the list. I can’t sneak out of work as early as I did last night so ANYONE of you who is at the pony needs to write TRAPPED on the list, in case I don’t get to do it! I will come, marker in hand, just in case I have the opportunity.

Todd was not available after the show as he was tied up with Liv. Since Liv lives in NYC this happens often when Todd plays a NYC venue……..Dang, those rock star children….especially the famous ones J

While I would have preferred more Utopia songs and less of the stuff from Liars, I wouldn’t have missed this concert for anything. So if you haven’t been to at least one show……GO… was worth not getting home till 2 AM even knowing I have a 12 hour work day ahead.



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12/11/2007 - Blender Theater at Gramercy - New York, NY

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