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Hey all, another wonderful show with Todd, Jessy, Kasim and new to me Michael Urbano, in Philadelphia. We really had a good time. The World Café has become one of my favorite local venues. Seeing Todd and his friends there was joyful event. The Show was phenomenal. I always love watching Jessy and Todd on stage together, they just look like little boys in a sandbox. All were high vibed, and Michael Urbano was just fascinating. Todd was particularly hysterical. The infinite volume T pretty much set the tone.

A few surprising and tender moments: I ran into the man who turned me on to my 1st Todd (Initiation I believe) and Peter Gabriel albums back when I was kid, he never had much to say but he really shaped the way I would experience life love and music. I hadn't seen him in almost 30 yrs. and it was a pleasure to see him and his lovely wife standing behind us at the show. Todd and Jessy are sporting beautiful SGs. I think this may have been the first time I've seen Todd play an SG live, and he took it out for tiny demons. Given my strange fascination with the Gibson SG this was truly sweet. Todd's is particularly pretty, as the glaze is very transparent and subtle, showing the beauty of the grain, not to mention the depth of sound. Finally, and I could be wrong, but I glanced out to see exactly who he was playing some of his leads to in the audience, and there was the most handsome young man, I believe he was one of his lovely children, eye contacting away. I just don't think it gets much sweeter than that.

If David Dye hosts the interview I will send you the link.

Happy Christmas! (or however you celebrate light, enjoy!)

Thanks again for another great show in Philadelphia. Gina

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12/09/2007 - World Cafe - Philadelphia, PA

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