Tralf December 8

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This was Todd show 63 for me and I have to say that it was in the top five Todd shows I have ever seen. One thing for certain is that Todd’s guitar playing was absolutely astounding on a lot of levels. Technically, the sound was perfect. Todd’s lead guitar playing is simply indescribable, you almost have to rub your eyes to make sure he is blazing up and down the guitar with the ease that he does. Although Todd played some great stuff during the Power Trio tour and had moments of greatness during the Utopia days, he simply took his guitar playing up more than a couple of notches.

The difference may have been Jesse Gress. Jesse and Todd are two people who simply click when they are playing. Jesse is like a well oiled machine and does so many subtle things that add to the sound. Kasim doesn’t need any more praise, he is simply the best bass player around and he does everything effortlessly.

The highlights of the show, Black and White, the guitar interplay between Jesse and Todd is mind-boggling and the background vocals were dead on. Mystified/Broke Down and Busted, some great vocals and blazing guitar. Tiny Demons, I am so glad that this one came out of the mothballs.

I still can’t believe how amazing this group sounded and Todd really seemed to be having fun and was at his sarcastic best.

One funny story to pass along. As I was walking back towards my seat before the show began I heard a guy say, “where is the piano?” He seemed really stressed out that there was no piano. Later in the show Todd joked about the guys who were “hoping to get lucky” after seeing the mellow Todd show. Not long afterward the guy left with his girlfriend.

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