The Rex Theater Pittsburg Pa 12/7/07

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Where to begin. The venue is easily the smallest place I have ever seen Todd play before, that was actually kinda cool. My friends were lined up at 6:30, doors opened about 7:30 and dummy me I never thought to ask why they were lined up for a general admission show, we were next door grabbing a quick bite. I got my answer as I walked into the place about 7:45, it's gen adm with seats so you must get there early to get down front, what the???? Thank goddd for good friends and for them being thoughtful enough to save us seats, I tell you Todd fans are still the greatest people ever! The show started and right away you could tell the guy's were in great form, and great moods, sans something that was going on between Kas and the sound/stage guy. I am still not sure what that was all about but Kas spent every free moment at the side of the stage trying to get the guy to adjust something. Finally about 3-4 songs in Kas seemed content, my friend say's she thinks it was the background vocals were too quiet and were brought up, Todd's reaction to Kas was "kiss the guy already" ha! Todd mentioned that his fans had wanted to hear more of him on guitar and then proceeded to peel skin off of his fingers saying I hope my new skin gets here soon. Todd said "foamy" had gotten a fret job and was as "new and tight" as ever!LOL! Before they did any of the Liars material Todd said they were gonna proceed to offend every-one in the audience, one by one "let the offending begin" he said! Hahahahaha!!! The set list was much as previous shows from the solo tours of '07, a real mix of material and early into it all you could hear the shouts for "Hello it's me" etc. I figure it's about 80/20 on this, 80percent know Todd now and know what to expect, 20percent are there for the hits and probably get a bit dissapointed, but with the way the guy's played last night I am sure there was very little dissapointment in the room even among the casual fans. Which brings me to one of the girls that came with us, she was as much a Todd virgin as possible, knows the radio hits and that's it, and she was so impressed by the show she talked about it all the way home, what a great feeling it is to turn some-one new onto Todd and his music! Do yourselves a favor and don't miss this lineup, for those of us that have longed to see Todd pick up that guitar and plays till his fingers bleed this is the time to see him!

"I can't explain what's in my brain that tell's me where to go, but I think you know" Todd Rundgren

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12/07/2007 - The Rex Theater - Pittsburgh, PA

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