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I was attending the concert with my son. His first concert, and how great that it was Todd. A little different than Steppenwolf with Mahogany Rush at the Shrine Masque in Springfield, MO 1975 with my friends Dudley B and Brad H'D. My son is 14 years old and a big Todd fan. Knows all the words to all the songs, albums, etc.......After dealing with the cluster fuck standing in line at the House of Blues. HOB needs to get there collective shit together regarding their standing in line procedures. Stand in this line here like this one line, okay now every move up. At that point the assholes behind us cut to the front on the left hand side of us. Five minutes later a girl came out and told us to form 2 lines. Would someone please pull there head out of their ass? Normally I wouldn't care, but we had GA tickets, and we were told they only had a few chairs and tables. Which made all the older people like me a little uneasy and anxious waiting to get in? Finally doors opened at 6:30. Fortunately we made our way to a 4 top behind the mixing board. It was shared with a delightful couple John, and Tonya. She was a big Todd fan, he a mild fan. After my son went out and got a tour Todd Texas tour t-shirt, the lights went down and the show began.

Todd and the boys hit the stage several minutes after eight o'clock. A very simple set up (Not like the elaborate set design by Prairie Prince from the "New" cars show that was in Dallas in April/ May 2006. This is not the only reason we missed Prairie) 3 microphone stands evenly spaced, with a drum kit in the middle behind Todd. Strange with a House of Blues bass drum cover. Was this a house drum kit? I found that a little odd. Jesse, Kasim, and Todd dressed in Black. Jesse wearing a small tan looks like a fishing hat worn by Harold. Ensley Buffalo (Missouri Fishing show reference from the 70's). Jesse is so cool he carried it off with no problem. He and Todd are true Rock Roll heavy metal guitar heroes.

Buffalo Grass opened up the show. I was surprised to hear Todd's voice a little raspy based on this being the first stop of the short December tour. Todd's guitar solo was dead on, complete with rock and roll face

I hate My Freakin ISP. Todd says, "We have not been here in a long time. Tonight was here to pay you back or put down a down payment here is an old one some of you might remember."

Black Maria. Voice is getting loose hitting those high notes. Kasim and Jesse seem to be helping drummer with breaks and timing song. They had to have eye contact on each break. (I miss Prairie).

At the end of the song, Todd says, "Time to bring it up to date repertoire wise not going to rest on laurels." The crowd laughs....

Soul Brother sounds great, even without the keyboard part. Jesse kicked the shit out of the lead. I had read where they were playing the song, and was curious to see how they would pull it off. They did without a hitch. At the end of the song Todd says, "Yes sounds like a classic but it is up to the minute." Once again laughter from the middle age, back nine of life crowd.

Mammon Before we start Todd says, "This being Sunday does anyone object mind if we talk theology."

Fascist Christ. Old time religion. Todd quips gospel brunch now. A reference to the HOB gospel brunch held every Sunday morning. Todd quips, "You've consumed very rich material just fine. Now for a little sorbet."

I Saw The Light Jesse and Kasim background vocals are right on. Twin lead, rocked the house big time. Todd quips at the end of the song, after noticing some young kids in the audience, "I don't mind the young kids when I am 80 they all be record buying age. Intro of new drummer Mike Rabino lady killer. "Okay. Back to the time machine."

Black and White funny moment after lead part Todd hit mike stand came back swayed around Todd grabbed and laughed obviously embarrassed

Lunatic fringe

Number 1 Lowest Common Denominator. Greatness

Waiting game???

Tiny Demons New guitar from Gibson SG

Todd says, "First day of new tour. This is about the time my fingers start killing me."

This life? / Broke down busted Old blues feel sounds like Clapton. Great guitar work obviously homage to blues and Eric Clapton, one of Todd's guitar idols. Todd says, "Time to pick some cotton."

SLUT what a treat. I have seen Todd 8 times, Dallas, St. Louis, Springfield, MO, Tulsa, and San Francisco but have never heard him play SLUT live. Still waiting my 14 old to ask...oh well! He never did, he probably already knows.

Waiting For The Walls To Come Down na na na nahh na na na

One World


How long???

World Wide Epiphany

Overall great show. Little disappointed with not having Prairie Prince on the drum kit. I did miss "While My Guitar Gently Weeps", or traditional show closer "Just One Victory". However if you love great guitar work this is the show for you. Rock on Todd we love you, and have passed on the love to future generations. Aloha!

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12/02/2007 - House Of Blues - Dallas, TX

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