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There has been a sighting and OH MY GOD, IT'S GUITAR TODD !!!

If you want some good old straight ahead power guitar rock, then don't miss this tour. This was the first show of this leg of the tour and it will be better as they go along but that is scary because this one was GREAT.

Todd was in fine voice almost the whole show but I heard some licks on the guitar I have waited to hear a very long time. This is the Todd that can get the high notes penetrating your body. I can't even tell you which song was my favorite since they were all terrific. And Jessie ain't chopped liver either. What a great complement to Todd's guitar playing he provides. And when he stretches out and takes off on a lead LOOK OUT. Kasim of course lays down the bass beat masterfully and it was fun watching Jesse and Kaz help Michael Urbano with his drum parts. They don't look to have gotten as much practice as they would have liked before beginning the tour but that adds to a Todd show. Who knows what will happen (sometimes not even the band).

Todd had only a couple of what I like to call "did I write these lyrics and what are they doing in this part of the song?" moments and of course made them barely noticeable so who cares. Nothing diminished the feeling of being in the presence of greatness and I am a happier man today for the experience.

I also got to meet Doug of RundgrenRadio.com fame and what a great guy. All Todd fans should be checking out his sight. He was doing a live broadcast last night and I don't know how that sounded,but I hope those of you who tuned it were as blown away as I.

Good Luck Austin and New Orleans. You are right in the path of this major storm.

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