HOB Show in LA 9-22-07

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I'm still a little drunk, but what a friggin awesome show!!! They played all my favorites - Black and White, #1 Lowest Common Denominator, Black Maria.....and totally throwing it down. They sounded as tight and loose as a band that was in LA on their last night of the tour. Todd was great. Jesse Gress played his ass off, and Prarie and Kasim played really great together.

When they came out for the encore Todd said Prarie Prince thought they should try something new, and that they had rehearsed half of a Utopia song during soundcheck. Well it was "Trapped" and it was totally freaking burning. Kasim Sultan was just the bomb, sounding as good as he ever has, and he and Todd trading those vocal parts was just unbelieveably bitchin.

I was really lucky/fortunate and I got to do the backstage hang afterward, chat with the band (including Todd taking a fork directly to the chafing dish of aftershow gruel) and got to express my gratitude. It just does not get any better for this Todd fan (30+ shows). - Steve

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9/22/2007 - LA House of Blues - Los Angeles, CA

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