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It's always such a zoo at the HOB in Hollywood. Saturday night the Foundation room was packed and so was the club downstairs.

The last in a 2 and a half week run up the coast of California I felt lucky to be here in California and be able to see so many shows. The band was good, laid back and tight at the same time. Todd's voice seemed a bit raspy. In any case,Todd and the guys are always the ultimate how did he put it "Entertainers" in this industry town.

I love watching the faces in the crowd, since I go to lots of shows it's interesting to feel a different feel in each place.

I hope they all get to take some time off to be with their families and recharge a bit. Thanks again for all you do for your fans guys...Viva La Todd!!!

Oh and btw, Todd wore the Paul Smith Bulls eye t-shirt (Cafe Press is the place to get the bullseye t-shirt) and leather pants. I loved the t-shirts and fabulous parting gifts you could buy from the show.

I hope he will put a ballad on the rock CD he's so good at those! I took photos on my new iPhone will post them soon.


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