Boulder Station Casino - Las Vegas - 9/14/07

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Coming from Chicago and 65 degrees to Vegas and 100 degrees was some what of a shock. Thank goodness the concert wasn't outside! Went through that already at Summerfest. The casino was nice, the food was ok, the room was great except for whatever they wash their pillow cases in hurt my eyes, oh well what are you going to do! The people at the casino were very nice also.

I thought the concert was great! Highlights for me were Black Maria (I know everyone says that song) which was Unbelievable! I love DRIVE (reminds me of Becky). I thought Todd did a great job also with Tiny Demons which reminds me of the 12 solo shows I saw Todd do in California in '81 plus Hawking and WWE are such great encores!

I was disappointed that the show was only an hour and a half long which I should have known because of it being at a casino which I believe seated 400 to 600 people. Todd said they would play until 2 am if it was up to them but of course the casino people want you to get out there and gamble. I didn't gamble a cent. I usually do a little but there was no time and not my purpose for being there.

The guys looked tired and frustrated by what Todd called the buzzing noise and the not so good sound system. Someone standing by Jesse just heard Jesse's guitar and nothing else. Todd's guitar playing was FANTASTIC, one of my favorite parts of the show besides seeing all the guys of course! I love the set list!

After the show, I got to see Jesse and Kasim, missed Prairie and Todd (boo hoo). It was so great to see my favorite couple from Florida at the show plus Kris & George, total surprise! Also, got to hang out with a new person I met this year Melinda and Wes which I just met in Vegas at this show and lives in my state! We all hung out afterwards at the bar and shared stories. Got to catch up with R, it's been 3 yrs! So, as you can tell I had a great time from start to finish and some great memories! I wanted to stand during some of the songs especially the encores but not to many people did by me and since I was in front I didn't want to stand and block someone else's view but how could you not stand for WWE! I couldn't help it, I had too, it was the last song so I did. The concert went very fast!

Todd, thanks for letting us take flash pictures, it is so appreciated! Concert is great, it really rocks! Go see it, you will love it! Thinking about West Hollywood.....oh no!

Peace & Rock Love,


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