Great American Music Hall September 13, 2007

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I needed a live music fix. Recently I have renewed my interest in of seeing many of the older R&R act’s from my youth as I’m viewing then now in a new pair of glasses. So when I saw Todd was playing such an intimate venue I bought tickets. For an extra 20 bucks you can purchase a dinner ticket, which guarantees old guys like me a reserved seat in a hall that is 95 percent standing room only. I had not seen him for some 20 years, but I still remember how great those shows at Winterland and The Old Waldorf were. I attended this show with a curiosity of a cat, not knowing what to expect yet knowing that seeing an artist of Todd’s caliber….it would be good. I didn’t have a preconceived idea of what I was about to witness so I’m still kind of shell shocked at how hard this band ROCKED.

From the opening of “Buffalo Grass” to the encore of “Hawking” this set flowed and hardly ever let up. I went to see Todd and got just that. His Tour, His Music. September 2007 “Todd played guitar, jamming good with Jesse” (Ziggy:) Todd solo’s haven’t lost a lick. He and Jesse complement each other, as Jesse appeared to be a protégé of Rundgren’s when they doubled up on the leads or when he played solo. Todd has always been the most underrated rock guitarist period. Jesse is a very versatile guitarist, throwing in everything including the kitchen sink, where Todd plays’s less …….which is much more. But the fact so evident through out this show is what a great a vocalist Todd is, especially when he would belt out one of his ballads after screaming like a banshee. He somehow retained the ability to hit the high notes as smooth as velvet during the quieter moments. He must take care of his pipes. I must give props to the rhythm section of Kasim and Prairie who were rock solid.

Todd has kept a musical vitality for all these years and his witty A.A.R.P. comments really hit home. Rock And Roll is therapy for the ailments of the golden years, and this show proved to be my medicine.

Thank you, Todd Rundgren “I Didn’t Need No Doctor”

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9/13/2007 - Great American Music Hall - San Francisco, CA

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