Report from San Diego 9/11/07

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I just wanted to check in with yas and give you a quick recap of Todd’s show here in San-Dog. Let me start by saying Holy Fuck what a show! This is the best rock and roll band to have ever hit the planet. You think I am exaggerating? Well really I cannot think of a band right now that is better. They are rock solid and played with such charisma and intensity that it literally shook my soul. I am going to go ahead and say it...that this could possibly have been.....the best damn concert I have EVER been to! Those 78 park west shows are hard to beat but this time I think he really came close. Watching Jesse play is in itself worth the price of admission. I have never seen Kasim so relaxed and just plain having fun as he was this time. And the guy on sticks...well what can you say except awesome! Then there is Todd. The guy sang and played every song like it was the last song he would ever play in his life. Such emotional intensity and sheer force to say that he took it to the next level would be an understatement. He took these songs and this band to places way beyond the highest level...and he only had to buy a vowel once! This is by far the best I have ever heard these songs played. It has been a few days since the concert and I am still blown away and in sheer awe of that performance. I hope to God they recorded that show. There is real chemistry between these guys, you can see it, feel it, and hear it! This is THE band! I hope right after this tour they immediately head straight into the studio and start jamming. Go see this show!

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9/11/2007 - San Diego House of Blues - San Diego, CA

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