Ventura, Anaheim, San Diego

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Three "Todd" shows in 3 days, happily exhausted even though I spilled a full cup of coffee over my desk this morning. After 3 in a row I feel like I've been run over by a Mac truck, I wonder how the guys feel? Woke up this morning popped a couple of Aleve and drove to my office on 2 hours of sleep.

Thank you Todd, Jesse, Prairie and Kaz for showing up, giving your fans what they want and doing it with such style, humor, enthusiasm, and energy. As long as Todd and the guys show up in my neck of the woods I'll go.

I like the idea of Todd having a afternoon show where he could interview guest or have a panel discussion, maybe a cooking segment and play along with a house band...(to give Oprah and Ellen a run for the money ha!) if he ever stops touring,.....

I wonder if he'd consider that?

Go see these shows if your anywhere within a 200 mile radius of the venue...they're a great solid band .

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