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The sunday show here in Ventura was so rocking, I could not believe it. I've seen about 80 Todd shows, and this was the highest energy level I've ever seen. So much guitar playing, and so very loud. After the show, I hung out by the stage door with my nephew, and got to greet Kasim, Jesse, and Prairie. Then we waited for about 45 minutes for Todd to emerge. He came out and talked at length with some fans who seemed to know him well. There were three of us waiting for autographs, and I got a nice one. We were talking about how high the energy was, how great the show, etc. and Todd said "Well, we really like to play."

The monday show in Anaheim was pretty much the same setlist, but the feeling was not as good for me. I was tired, and I think the band was too. Although the volume was at a more tolerable level, the mix wasn't as good, with too much bass and not enough guitar. Also, I don't think Todd likes Orange County very much. It was cool to see them again, tho, and during the final encores, my nephew and I got up by the stage, and I threw a Mets cap onto the stage for Jesse. (It had been sitting in the lost and found at my record store for months, and had JESSE embroidered on the side, plus Jesse lives in NY). After the show, I made sure with the head roadie that Jesse would get it. Also, I got a Todd guitar pick off of the mike stand.

If I had to pick out some highlights, Black and White, Drive, and No. 1 lowest common denomenator come to mind. Also nice to hear Broke Down and Busted. Usually Hawking is a piano number, but was all guitars this night, and was a stunning first encore, then they really rocked out with Worldwide Epiphany. I've never seen Todd so powerful, at the height of his powers both vocally and guitarwise. If he ever seemed to have lost it, he has found it again.

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9/10/2007 - The Grove - Anaheim, CA

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