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I went to the Ventura Theatre on Sun Sept 9 and saw the show and had a great time watching Todd and his band perform. They were having fun and their energy was wonderful to share. Played some stuff I had never seen him play live and I've seen this guy probably 15 times!

However, being a guy who goes to a lot of concerts and a guy who has been and still is a rerecording mixer for film and television and who has been around and understands audio for a living,,, the sound last night was most disappointing. I do not know if the mixer works for Todd or for the Ventura theatre but whoever he talked into letting him get behind the board got scammed.

Granted, live sound reinforcement systems are complex but in this day and age they also have the ability to sound powerful and pleasing without sounding shrill and painful. Towards the end the SPL had to have exceeded 120 db. And the over-abundance 2khz to 5khz literally made it painful. If the mixer works for T R try and pass this along to him... he'd probably like to know!


R. Russell Smith, CAS

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9/09/2007 - Ventura Theater - Ventura, CA

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