Workplay in Birmingham, AL

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Set list:
Buffalo Grass
I Hate My Frickin I.S.P.
Black Maria
Soul Brother
Fascist Christ
I Saw The Light
Black and White
No. 1 Lowest Common Denominator
Lunatic Fringe
Mystified/Broke Down and Busted
Tiny Demons
The Walls Came Down
One World


Hawking Worldwide Epiphany

Workplay was a great venue for this TR show. The place was pretty crowded, but a lot of that had to do with the show being in their smaller room. The venue had upstairs and downstairs seating and a floor in front of the stage for those of us who wanted to stand up and watch the show up close.

A lot of the folks there were hardcore TR fans from what I could tell, which was nice. During the show a lady next to me kept yelling a request for “Parallel Lines” and I eventually told her he wasn’t going to play it but that I loved the song as well. I also mentioned to her that she could see TR doing the song live on the 1992 Japan Tour video to which she replied, “This is my 7th time to see Todd.”

Todd had some tuning issues with “Foamy” and at one point tried to play with the other guitar he typically only uses for “Tiny Demons.” You can see a picture of him talking to his roadie about it if you review my photos here on this site. TR said we deserved to hear a guitar that was tuned, and they eventually got it fixed. I couldn’t tell the difference either way, but obviously musicians can, so I’m glad he got it fixed so he could keep playing comfortably.

After they played “Fascist Christ,” TR said something along the lines of – “I bet before you got here tonight a lot of you were saying, ‘I hope they play Fascist Christ tonight’ – and then he laughed and added something along the lines of, “You’ve had your meat and vegetables, and now it’s time for some dessert” and they broke into “I Saw The Light.”

My favorite song from this show was without question “Hawking” because TR just flat out aced it with his voice. Outstanding! When he breaks out with the parts that start with “… and when God kissed me …” it’s just pure joy.

This was the last of 5 shows I had the privilege of attending on this tour within a 2-week timeframe. I would go to another one without hesitation if it were possible. I don’t know that I could say the same thing about any other artist. The good news is that TR mentioned during this show that it was not his last tour and he may even be back in Birmingham in the future. The crowd showed their approval after that comment, especially this fan!

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5/09/2007 - WorkPlay Theater - Birmingham, AL

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