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Really cool venue with the stage underneath this large restaurant in a sandy area. Right on the bay. Smaller crowd, I am guessing around 150 people. Didn't seem to matter much though, cause TR and his band rocked the hell out of about 20 songs, including some gems like "One World" and "Buffalo Grass". I definitely wasn't disappointed to hear "I Saw the Light" and "Black Maria" either. Todd made some funny (and somewhat crude)jokes and a Don Imus reference. He kept coming right up to the edge of the stage where we were standing and he played guitar solos right over us. He was really in touch with his instrument and voice that night and so was Jesse, John, and Jerry. I think my friends and I were the youngest people there, and ALMOST everyone was cool. Some drunk lady was screaming "PLAY GET YOU A WOMAN!!!" after Todd left. She was downright indignant. I could have really done with a high five though.....

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5/08/2007 - Mobile Civic Center - Mobile, AL

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