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Though I don't know all the songs Todd sang at the concert tonight, it was a powerful concert. I only found out about it 4 days ago, the last Todd concert I went to was in Gainesville Florida 27 years ago...and I have a audio tape of that one I dug up last night and Todd was talking about the Mike Douglas show in it. I was very disappointed that the crowd was only between 300 and 400 people, and all I would say all were in the age group of 35-65. This is a big city, Jacksonville, I would have expected more....but Chicago was playing a mile of two down the road and it was a Sunday night. Needless to say, Todd, at 58 (almost the big 60) puts in so much energy into his concert even for this small group...It is inspiring...he is one of my favorites of all times. I must say, I missed the great hits of which he did not play in the concert....Hello its me (is like Elton not singing Your Song in his concert...songs we love becasue they touch our hearts) and Can we still be friends, Love is the answer....and a Dream lives on forever...but I guess in this case tonight, the dream doesn't live on forever. Todd has mutured...the concert was for a muturer audience. Gone is the bubble gum rock from Todds lips...he has mutured to a new day....but his audience though small tonight. will love him for his past....and all the potential that never made it to mainstream. So those that watched Chicago down the road tonight, they really missed a Wizard..a true Star. Todd is not too far gone...and I will enjoy this concert (for I taped it) for many years to come.

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5/06/2007 - Jacksonville Theatre - Jacksonville, FL

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