Jacksonville at the Florida Theatre

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Set list:
Buffalo Grass
I Hate My Frickin I.S.P.
Black Maria
Soul Brother
Fascist Christ
I Saw The Light
Black and White
No. 1 Lowest Common Denominator
Lunatic Fringe
Mystified/Broke Down and Busted
Tiny Demons
The Walls Came Down
One World


Hawking Worldwide Epiphany

Another great show by TR and company! This venue reminded me a lot of the one in Clearwater, but this time he wasn’t an opening act, so I got to see them play the entire set. Just like in Clearwater, this venue was too stuffy for such a rocking show. We had to sit down the entire time in our plush little seats and drinks weren’t allowed in the theatre. I’d love to go to this type of venue for a ballad show by TR, but with this set list I had more fun at the venues that were built for rocking (Sunfest, Felix’s Landing, and Workplay). I still loved listening and seeing the show in Jacksonville of course, but stuffy venues get on my nerves.

TR was having some type of problem with the high notes during the song “Fascist Christ” (“… be my provider”), so Jesse did most of that part and he aced it. It was funny watching TR hold his nose when singing the words “… come to the rescue” during that song. They extended the song a good bit, and at the end I felt like I was at a gospel show as they cut out the instruments and just keep singing, “Give me that old time religion” as the crowd clapped in sync and the band members waved their arms back and forth in the air.

For this show, “Worldwide Epiphany” was my favorite song. It sounds great live, and TR was really getting into it with some fun dancing. It’s a great song for finishing a show. It makes you leave yearning for some more.

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5/06/2007 - Jacksonville Theatre - Jacksonville, FL

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