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Situated on the Intracostal in Palm Beach Fla,the Sunfest has grown over 20 years to a huge event, This week at the 4 day event were the likes of Ludacris,George Thorurogood(thouroly-bad)Huey Lewis,Village People, Johnny Lang, All American Rejects, Steven Stills and Todd Rundgren.Big Stage, huge screen and at 2:45 PM out walks TR Foamy in hand minus Tony Levin and proceeds to blow the place away. just an incredible show and I just saw the show in Melbourne and this was infinitely better. I sat in the front row center and I could not believe how frikin good this show was. You know the set list however ther was no Mammon or Facist Christ. Two songs that have similar qualities which leads me to believe that TR might have opted to pull since this was more a family sort of day, but then again TR did drop the F bomb while spewing about Don Imus which makes sense -censorship issues combined with media frenzy makes for great TR commentary. I honestly think I could just go see TR in a stand- up spoken word venue he cracks me up. # One Lowest Common Denominator was very spiritual, I really felt it today. Same thing with Tiny Demons and Hawking, such powerful songs must be hard to do night after night with the same zest, I think it may have something to do with the over all "VIBE' of the show. Jesse Gress has been awesome on back up vocals. He's clever too! In between songs He breaks into a Steve Miller riff and Im like whats he doing and just then I looked up and one of those planes that pull those banner signs behind it had a Steve Miller concert add (pretty funny).Then (between songs) a helicopter flying real low and close-Jesse starts making this cool helicopter sound with his guitar and TR starts mimicking a fighter pilot- you cant write that shit, just plain hilarious. Well I have one show on my mini Fla.TR tour and thats next week The New Cars at Winterhaven Fla. so if your going seeya there!

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5/05/2007 - SunFest WaMu Stage - West Palm Beach, FL

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