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The story behind the title, Gerdy and Gards grade school buddy nickname is Bowlhead.

Bowlhead has been stressing lately about his job and boss. So a perfect remedy would have been for Bowlhead to join gards and me in Buckhead for some mental relief.

In the end Bowlhead stayed back home in Michigan and went to work while, Gerdy and Gards hit Buckhead for Todd’s show at the Roxy!

Last September my fiancée now turned wife Deona made an impromptu scramble to Toronto to see this act. Wow the 8 hour drive was worth the cruise so when a mini tour hit this spring I was fortunately in the midst of some Florida calls which enabled me to hit the Melbourne show with Heart but also the Atlanta show. I called my buddy Pat to meet me in Atlanta for some serious rocking.

The Show

The venue was a perfect setting for our hero, Jesse, Tony, and Jerry. The boys came to play. Todd came out wearing a DEADWOOD shirt, which to me means getting behind slow driving cars while you’re on the road. Everyone in attendance was in for a raging night of Foamy and Jesse. The entire crowd around us seemed to be in a great mood for a great performance that awaited them.

The irony of being a devoted Todd fan is the fact that the majority of people on this earth do not know his resume or music catalog or the frustration of not being inducted into the hall which is down right blasphemy (now they’re letting rappers in .. good lord)

But the Holy Grail is when you go to a Todd show and can see him rip through his incredible songs in a hassle free intimate setting. And tonight was no different.

The set starts off like an old power trio tour with Buffalo Grass and I Hate My Frickin’ ISP.

Then to one of my favorites BLACK MARIA (WOW). Soul Brother follows. Then the always enjoyable Todd’s comments on world events which I always look forward to. TODD comments about the upscale neighborhood of BUCKHEAD and tells the people he has written a song about these types. Then in another announcement TODD chuckles about staying home and watching the republican debates or coming to the show, these comments segway into MAMMON, which is followed up with another favorite Fascist Christ, I Saw the Light, and a great BLACK & WHITE. Lunatic Fringe, then probably the best song of the night # 1 LCD (this gets my double WOW for the show). DRIVE,

Then a fantastic Tiny Demons with the Utopia Guitar. Followed by SLUT, Mystified (Broke down & busted) The Walls, One World,

Encore Hawking and the huge crowd pleaser world wide epiphany.

For those in attendance they were treated to a truly fantastic show certainly one of my top ten out of some 70 plus Todd shows I’ve seen.

For those that missed the show all you can do is hope TODD takes this tour out at a later date, however life is short and one must be able to make the important things in life happen while our hero is still willing to put his heart and soul into these truly unique shows and settings.

The next day I caught my ride back to Michigan where I will prepare POSSUM (our sailboat) for the crossing of Lake Michigan to see our hero at Summerfest then cross again to see our hero in Muskegon. Lots of TODD and sailing on my itinerary for this summer.


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5/03/2007 - Roxy Theater - Atlanta, GA

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