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It was hot- so hot at the Roxy.

And the apparent source was Todd and his band of considerable talent. The set list was a playlist of popular, familiar ingredients combined and prepared with delight for the enjoyment of a happy crowd. Cooked in the oven of the Roxy(hot- so hot) - each song was a slice of a delicious musical pie.

Todd's vocal was amazing. Todd's playing was masterful. The heart and soul of the performance was driven and chemistrated(?) by the sum of the musicianship of the entire group. Jesse always seemed to be at the precise musical location and the combination was like a double dose of electric guitar heaven.

If one ever needed positive evidence of passion and technical skill presented in the emotional theatre of the art of rock music, this show was exhibit A..

If anyone ever questioned Todd's strength as a live performer, his 'leave it all on the stage' approach to the evening quickly destroyed any notion.

Scale of 1 to 10? 10+

Top five Todd show? No question

Have I had enough TR kool aid? Give me another and MAKE IT A DOUBLE!!!

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5/03/2007 - Roxy Theater - Atlanta, GA

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