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Just got back from the show in Melbourne, Fla, anyone who was there the last time Todd played the King Center will know this was the difference between day & night. The band was tight and they were there to Rock & Roll playing a heavy list of guitar driven songs. Foamy got quite a work out on Black Maria and Black & White. Jesse and Todd were trading licks all night long (or the 45 minutes they were on stage). I don’t know what happens at shows anymore, they only last about 3 hrs total for both bands with set changes. The only disappointing thing that night was toward the end of Todd’s set he was joking with the crowd about not over staying his welcome when some clown a couple of rows behind me “says too late for that, Pal.” Now at this point Todd and the band have been shredding everything they had played, I saw the Light, Soul Brother, Walls come Down, and One World. Also we know some people just don’t get Todd or they came strictly for Heart which I understand, but to be that obnoxious or rude or just plain foolish, defies logic. Sometimes you wish you could slap the taste out of someone’s mouth for comments like that! Another thing about the band, both Jerry’s drumming and Tony’s bass playing were excellent. I thought I recognized Tony’s name but I had to wait till the show started to be sure this was the same guy I have seen play in two other great bands. I saw him play with Billy Idol and with Peter Gabriel and he is one of the premiere Bass players you will get to see. By the way Heart was excellent as always. They have a cutie playing the keyboards for all that hard stuff in songs like Crazy on You and Magic Man and she nailed them both. Ann has a better vocal range now than back in the olden days, Maybe cuz her pipes are bigger now!! Nancy did a great rendition of These Dreams while playing the Mandolin, just excellent. They also added an extra Led Zepp song to complement Rock & Roll by playing The Battle of Evermore and they played a Who song Rain on Me with Nancy doing some Pete Townsend scissor kicks, too cool. All in all a kick ass show by Todd and The Wilson Sisters.

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5/01/2007 - King Center - Melbourne, FL

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