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Todd warmed up for Heart .Nancy Wilson said when she came on - (after Magic Man) " a special thanks Todd Rundgren , that was like having dinner before dinner"- in other words Todd was a main course in and of it self.At this point for me "Todd" is an "it" as well as a he , there comes a point when an artist is more than the sum of thier physical being and name, a status to which Todd has long surpassed .A short set to which TR thanked early commers in lew of "Missing All This" in a very -you go girlfriend kinda way as he vougued with his free hand - the other one holding the neck of Foamy. Other notable quotes / annicdotes spoke to a positive responce to Soul Brother and as a reward- TR proclaimed "and now you get a piece of candy" breaking into a killer I Saw The Light.Maybe you can help peg the name of a supprise cover of an 80's cover TR played , the courus goes YA YA YA YA YA YA YA (as the walls came down)(Nite in a military rage) (playin with tanks...)I think it was Warren Zevon or something or anything.TR played to a lot metal heads mixed with TR fans and delivered some kick ass rock screams that were bone chillin and also proclaimed "we came to play".Lets not forget the complannig people from the last time played at The King Center,Fl. 2005 w/Joe Jackson a tuff crowd to say the least ,but they loved him.At least it wasnt ' the very last time ' he would play there- which,by the way, many a musician would not have returned in spite of it.But, TR as 'Cliche' as it may sound has 'Commpasion' I'm looking foward to 5th row center seats at Sunfest on Sat and a week from that with The New Cars at Winterhaven. (sorry no pictures aloud at King Center)!!!!
Well , I guess I'll be the only person to submit any take on last nite so what heck, I may as well. Thanks to the TR. Connection& The Interocitor we can get down like this . 15 years ago we had the NEXUS, remember that. I want to just briefly make some points about Live Rundgren crowds. Last nite it was the cross- over type crowd type crowd where you had Heart Fans who Like TR as well, die hardTR fans who like Heart and so on...Just like when TR played w/A Walk Down Abbey Road or Ringos All-stars- Shit thats when it gets real confusing-lots of rock incestual fan base crowd identity crisis audience perspective. If you've been there you know what I mean.Just for the record, I always love the TR exclusive/only type tours crowds- either w/ a pod, or a piano&acoustic,or LIARSorTIKI BAR, or TRIO,orNearly Human or this current tour and including The New Cars crowds - A sort of CARTOPIA . Dont get me wrong, last night rocked, but theres nothing as great as being surrounded by a few thousand TR fans who you share the same beliefs as you. Nothing worse than going to take a piss during intermission and listening to the two guys behind you on line talk about how they cant believe Todd didn't play Hello Its Me, and boy is my wife pissed -Bla Bla Bla-YadaYadaYada...By the way I thought it was hilarious when TR said last nite after Black Maria" thats an old one, I think they used to play it when they were building the Pyramids"

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5/01/2007 - King Center - Melbourne, FL

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