4.28.07 annapolis and 4.29.07 falls church

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i come to this tour as one of the lucky guys who made to canada last time out. progression has been significant-very happy with what I saw/heard on these two shows. cool setlist (with added mystified/broke down and first time ever whole band version of tiny demons (which really works well this way). the band is tighter, has more unity in their accents, etc and has a bit stronger propeller than canada with mister precision in the drivers seat, Jerry Moratta. Tony or the sound man must have worked on the sound of the stick beause unlike canada, you could hear it well and the bottom end was still there. He whipped it out on Mammon/FC, and WWE. The one area that I would like to see more of is consistency of the backing vocals. Several times during last night and at Rams head, Jesse was the only backing singer-and on Hawking also (need voices). Todd played out more than Id seen in recent past-the solos were the standard ones but he left chunks of space to do as he felt on NO1, FC and BM. Im really looking forward to the NEW album and new tour pencilled in this summer later. I know I usually give you more to chew on than this, but I thought it was very solid and I liked Falls Church better than rams. At times, it seemed like they were rushing songs at Rams Head (ex: B and W)- Falls Church had a lot more musical elasticity and breath. I liked Hawking better at Rams Head b/c Todd lost a little falsetto before Hawking on Sunday, but all in all the State Theater is a great place to see a show-so is Rams head but its so small and oddly shaped...Great to see the band back out again on the road and for me, the more time he spends doing this type of stuff, the more momentum he will build. Like i said, new record, new tour, this band....its all good..cant wait till the next go round....(nice energy for a near 60 yr old man!-sometimes we forget that fact-you gotta give him the credit!-no one is rocking as hard as TR at this age-not even Neil any more).peace..mister rogers

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4/29/2007 - State Theater - Falls Church, VA

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