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Perhaps the beautiful spring day in DC was has a harbinger of goodwill for the show at State Theater in Falls Church, VA. This was a real hard-working rock-n-roll outfit;’ not a bunch of pansies slinging 70’s rock platitudes over a Sam Adams and a Salmon Salad.

I was not sure if the line up of Tony Levin, Jerry Morotta, and Jesse Gress was out of pure providence or of a more calculated nature for Todd. There is no doubt now, that it was calculated. Nothing shabby about this outfit, it was nothing but energy, precession and execution. The sound was much better up front than center floor.

Listen to me now believe me later! Don’t hesitate go to the show. My usual suspects Eric and Aimee who are still giving me grief for the Todd solo show at Jaxx a few years back where Todd said in a deadpan voice “Sometimes I feel like all I need to do is just show up”, opted out this evening. I tested their faith and emptied their wallets that night.

I have only been to the State Theater once before and I really liked the venue. Not a bad seat in the house nice crowd.

I was speculating that this was Todd’s “get in shape” practice for upcoming New Cars tour, and I think I was right on. No broken strings, botched breaks, frayed vocals, forgotten lyrics or apologies. Stellar vocals, two cranking/crunching guitars, no-hold’s-bared bass, and drums in full throttle execution. For the most part, Todd was the lead guitarist with Jesse giving him a breather now and then. It is obvious that his time as second guitarist to Elliot Easton and the “New Cars” has dusted off some cobwebs for Todd. I have not seen him play like this ever!

Black Maria, Number One Most Common Denominator and One World were exceptional. Mystified and Hawking cemented the show.

He reconfirmed the reason why you are reading these words now...They say he’s got special gift...

Michelle Rundgren told me a few years ago that Todd would not show up for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame if he was honored.

He is sticking to his guns...“I only want to see if you’ll give up on me, but there’s always more...there is more...

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4/29/2007 - State Theater - Falls Church, VA

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