Todd Rundgren at the State Theatre in Falls Church, VA. 4/29/07

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Since the previous TRconnection reviewer Andre' was dead on Correct about Todd's and his current touring bands performance at The State Theatre in Falls Church, VA. last night. There's not much more I can add other than the Highlights of the show for me were a little bit different.

But before I get started with my highlights, I do have to stress and Completely agree with Andre' that Todd's Line 6 amp does have to go. Todd's guitar leads were definitely not Cutting through all the time. It might have been maybe only 70% of the time, actually. Particularly in one of my favorite Todd/Utopia quartet songs 'Mystified', unfortunately. Practically nonexistent, which was a total bummer.

I also agree with Andre that Todd should switch to a Mesa Boogie or the Fender twins setup that Jeff Beck currently uses. I'm almost 99.4% sure that Todd was using a Mesa Boogie Amp when I saw him play the Greatest Guitar Solo of all time that I've seen during the A Walk Down Abbey Road tour (at Wolftrap) several years back in the song 'While My Guitar Gently Weeps'!

However, even hearing just 70% of Todd's guitar is still much Better than 95% of the other guitar players on the planet, anyway. And with that being said, Thank Godd, I mean Todd, that the sound cut through better in his Classic song # 1 Lowest Common Denominator.

#1 Lowest Common Denominator made the Entire evening for me! I went absolutely Nuts during this song! Talk about a Mind - Altering experience! WOW! Just seeing Todd do that song did it for me! That was the #1 Highlight for me, so to speak. And the main reason, Todd is still the #1 Guitar God in my book!

I also loved the usual songs, Black Maria, Buffalo Grass, Mammon, I Hate My Frickin ISP, Fascist Christ, One World, Hawking, & Worldwide Epiphany etc. etc.

Other Highlights of the show I was really impressed with was their Version of Drive, Black & White, Tiny Demons, Slut and surprisingly their Covers of the songs Lunatic Fringe by Red Rider and Walls Came Down by The Call.

Again, other than some technical problems with Todd's guitar sound at the beginning of Mystified, the show was Sensational. I really loved this Band, and they were very tight as a musical unit. Seemed like they had been playing together for years.

A song that also could have also made the entire evening for me, if performed, would have been, The Last Ride. Which also would have been better on Todd's voice. Oh well, can't have everything, you can't always get what you want, I guess. But, I'd definitely see this band again, though!

Just an additional note for other guitar freaks out there like me to make up for the Solos you won't hear until Todd gets rid of this Line 6 amp. 'LISTEN TO THE IKON" (You can always go to my Todd podcast and blast 'Utopia' and 'The Ikon'.) @

Todd obviously was not using a Line 6 amp in these songs.

'So you never have to be afraid, never have to be afraid'! 'Never fear for you are living in Eternal mind!


Bob Cerminaro

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4/29/2007 - State Theater - Falls Church, VA

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