TR at Ram's Head, Annapolis

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Not much to say.... Lots of sailors in Annapolis!!! Oh.... Ram's Head.... cute but tiny (Max. Occupancy 249 sardines), very intimate. TR was great, as usual, but there was no moving around room on the minuscule stage (approx 10' x 12' x about 14" high??). First song, he tried to jump/kick without knocking over his and Jesse's and Jerry's mic, and caught his foot in the guitar strap and ripped it off the guitar! That was okay, since it meant using his TR's Utopia Eyeball guitar for several songs.

This venue would have been more conducive to a solo show..... one where there weren't four crazy dudes rocking their asses off! As a matter of fact, earlier that afternoon, they had a "Smoochy" type guy doing a kid's show, which was totally appropriate for the stage and room size. Not only that, every time someone stood up to dance, they were dragged to the back of the club and made to lean against the wall. There were signs on each table that said BE QUIET AND REFRAIN FROM DANCING! (aka... sit down and shut up!) Made me think that TR prolly thought everyone was bored with the show. I mentioned it to the sound guy/tour mgr. (also named "Todd," named AFTER TR <--- now, how cool is that?) who seemed a bit relieved. He agreed that the crowd seemed quite subdued, and immediately informed Todd that the fans loved it, but the club wouldn't let us have fun.

The living room setting was great for seeing the hot licks of Tony and Jesse and Todd up close. Or, in this case, the blur of Tony's and Jesse's fingers, and the best of Todd's screaming bends. So, all was not lost. Like watching a superior band jamming to their favorite music, in my basement. A win-win. Perfect set list, except the show could be about 15 mins. longer to make it an even 2-hours.

I didn't notice a follow-spot at either of the two shows, so I imagine that's why there aren't many great photos. Bad lighting is a camera's worst enemy. Someone MUST get some good pics for us in West Palm!

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4/28/2007 - Rams Head On Stage - Annapolis, MD

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