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During the power trio tour Todd used pre-recorded synthesizers a little to expand the sound beyond just guitar/bass/drums, specially in songs like Buffalo Grass. I figured something similar would be happening here, either pre-recorded or Jesse playing some keyboards like he did in the Liars tour and/or guitar synthesizer. This was not the case. It seems the whole purpose of this tour is to have a raw all guitar garage band like sound and just like pretty much everything Todd does, it worked to perfection.

For a song like "Mammon" which has a massive overlay of keyboards in the Liars version I think what did the trick was Tony's bass with its huge impressive very sustained sound and then Jesse would pick the synth lines straight on the guitar, no complaints, it was awesome.

In keeping with this theme, the equipment setup was very simple as opposed to the Liars tour that had a very elaborate stage, costumes and costume changes; instead it was just 4 people playing their asses off. No huge Marshall stacks or computers (I remember the Liars tour, the Mohegan Sun casino concert, Todd had some problems manipulating a computer to get different sounds out of his guitar until he finally found the right one ... this was an isolated incident as most of the Liars concerts were pure perfection) Jesse was using only a Fender twin reverb and Todd had a similar small sized amp.

The set list was identical to BB King's the night before (see Andre's review) which means they played the 2 cover songs and did not play Temporary Sanity (would have loved to hear that one, but no complaints.)

Besides the breathtaking guitar solos (including Jesse's in Broke down and busted ! ) some very touching moments were "I Saw the light" very much in its original SA version, the guitar solo started by Jesse and them complimented by Todd in the double voicing part, everybody went nuts ... and "Tiny Demons" which was so heartfelt ... obviously "Hawking" is not the only soulful moment of the night (and talk about another one of my favorites!)

I totally agree with a former reviewer that said "the Guitar God is back." Even if it was a Tuesday night in the middle of nowhere, this was one amazing Rock 'N Roll Show. Actually I've seen some pretty good shows at this club, most notably The Pretenders recently who were at their absolute best.

Still debating if I'm gonna make the trip from Bergen County to Philly to see them again Friday, I should !!!!

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