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I don't even know how to begin!!!??? Unbelievable!!! I felt like Todd was 20 years younger with his voice dead on!!!! Not one crack. He hit the high notes superbly!!!! The great guitarist is back!!!! The playlist was great!!! Never saw him do "Slut", "Broke Down & Busted" or "Drive" before.

Having seen Todd at least 100 times (lost count) since 1974 I think this was one of the best shows ever. He looks & sounds great!!! Met some long time friends there who were just as blown away as me. Todd, this is what we've been waiting for!!!

The band was really together and the friend that was with me has only seen Todd once before for the "Liars" tour. She enjoyed that but was totally enamored with this show. I've turned someone into another Todd "Head". I would love to go to Philly on Friday - I'm working on it.

Don't miss this show - you will not be disappointed.

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4/24/2007 - Starland Ballroom - Sayreville, NJ

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