The boys at Starland Ballroom

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A few years ago, at around my sesquicentennial show, I lost count, so I think that qualifies my report. TOP THREE of ALL TIME!!!! Todd handled 85% of solos. Fingers of fire. I was thinking that he doesn't break as many strings as he used to, than snap. Sorry Todd, only good thoughts from here on out. His voice has gotten sooo strong. There is now no doubt in my mind that his growl is the greatest in rock history; apologies to the late John Lennon. Set list was virtually identical to previous shows. Todd's between song vamping we learned is just a time killer to get his breath back. The usual political/religious comments were there but he did make one statement that made Dennis Miller seem mainstream. But he giggled and that is all that is important. All in all, do whatever is necessary to get to one of these shows. The band will not disappoint. If the venue is anything like the Starland Ballroom (great sound & seating) you may want to consider earplugs. Now I have too figure a way to Philly on Friday. Wish me luck, Chevy

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4/24/2007 - Starland Ballroom - Sayreville, NJ

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