Power Quartet at B.B. King's

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I'm happy to report that Todd's nose hairs, along with the rest of the hair that I could actually see, are alive and well. To say this show rocked is an understatement.
Buffalo Grass - TR solo
Black Maria - TR
Soul Brother
Fascist Christ - TR
I Saw The Light
Black & White
Lunatic Fringe
#1 Lowest Common Denominator
Tiny Demons - (IKON guitar)
Mystified/ Broke Down & Busted / Mystified
(During part of Mystified, Todd starts to really force his voice, resulting in a strained crack. This causes him to not take himself so seriously and he started laughing - so did I.)
Walls Came Down
One World
Many thanks to Dave Kohlrumel and Betty, Chris (first in line), and especially Bruce, Kennee Lee and June, who so graciously let me sit with them 3 feet away from Todd. And great to see the Shell, Barb and Bob, and meet new Todd fans, as always.

They might be a little out of order, but I think these are all the songs. You've heard it before, I'll say it again - Todd looked and sounded fantastic. Better voice than a lot of previous tours and he was having fun. You need to see this show.

I forever remain the girl at the end of the Liars DVD, left side of the stage.

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4/23/2007 - B.B. King's Blues Club & Grill - New York, NY

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