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All in all, after nearly 30 years of seeing Todd in concert in various formats (Utopia, Solo, A Walk Down Abbey Road, Power Trio, New Cars and w/Ethel), this definitely had to be one of the top 3 shows of all time. After an early train ride in, my fiancee and I walked down to one of the oldest bars -- The Old Town -- (Est. 1887) on E 18th St and had a very nice lunch (not only liquid). Wanting to continue enjoying the beautiful day, we walked from there to the venue on W 42nd St. Getting there before there was a line, we went to Starbucks and got ourselves an iced coffee. By the time we got our coffee, there now was a line of one. Chris was so excited to be 1st on line (a 1st 1st I guess). We struck up a conversation and Patty soon joined us. We enjoyed conversation as our friends arrived to join us on the line. As we entered, Chris went with her friends, Us with ours, while Patty was determined to get close enough to see Todd's nose hairs (which she did!). After we four were seated, our table of six was filled with two delightful people from New Jersey, Lisa and Lori. We had many laughs, food and drink while we shared stories while waiting for O.H..

Without going through the entire set list, TODD KICKED BUTT! After starting with Buffalo Grass, The Band covered much ground in their nearly 2 hour set. They played great hard rocking tunes throughout - Black Maria, Mystified/Broke Down and Busted, Number One Lowest Common Denominator, and Black and White to name a few. They also kicked major butt on Red Rider's Lunatic Fringe. They toned down some on songs like Soul Brother and I Saw the Light. Todd also did an anti-church covering with Fascist Christ and Mammon. After shredding these songs with their playing, and Todd's voice (which was dead-on perfect), they encored first with the most moving rendition of Hawking I ever had the pleasure of witnessing, and finished with One World. It was one of those shows you wish would go on for 5 more hours. Realistically, Todd literally had nothing left in the tank. He gave it his all this night.

Atch, you missed a great one, but so glad to hear your Dad's health is improved. Patti, Lisa, Lori and Chris - it was great meeting, chatting and rocking with you. You made a great concert so much better. And Patti, glad you got you nose hairs (was that Foamy you were trying to glom from the roadies?).

Dave Kohrumel

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4/23/2007 - B.B. King's Blues Club & Grill - New York, NY

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