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It's like a normal Times Square day on 42nd Street. I feel like going to the Olive Garden and getting something to eat.

If Todd wrote Heavy Metal Kids in 2007, those would have been the lyrics.

Yes, Times Square is very square and BB Kings is a sad place to see a rock show. It's an overpriced hamburger joint. Hamburger hell, indeed. Completely devoid of vibe unless you are in the front row absorbing the energy of the band. Thankfully, Todd brought the rock.

See this tour if you can. He is back in top form. Jumping, spinning, scissor kicks and burn-out endings. Even the faint smell of cannibis from a Ronnie James Dio look-a-like in front of me. If this show was in Central Park and about 20 db louder I woulda sworn it was the 70's.

You know the set list already, but it aint the same old song and dance. Lots of stuff you haven't heard in a while. Tiny Demons with a full band? I dont think I've ever seen that before. Slut? Never heard it live before this. And hell yes, Drive. I forgot how good that sounded with a band.

Totally different than a Todd solo show. It's the fruition of all the hopes and dreams of every crank who's ever bitched and moaned about a Todd show. All right now, your wish came true...Todd is Godd once again.

Go see the show!

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