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This was probably my 30th TR or Utopia Show, and Probably the 10th since 2000. Also probably the 15th time I’ve seen Tony Levin, either with Crimson or Gabriel, so this was a real treat for me. For the first 2 or so songs I was very excited about it, then I calmed down and enjoyed the Show. Sat 7th row Center – House of Blues was an interesting setup. I do remember the exact set list, it was the same as the Canada Shows with additional songs (Tiny Demons, Mystified/Broke Down and Busted/Mystified) thrown about 2 thirds of the way in.

1, Buffalo Grass

2. ISP

3. Black Maria – Todd, Tony, Jessie did this little choreographed thing that was cool.

4. Soul Brother – Liked it better than usual – Todd plays rather than dances.

5. Mamon – Don’t quite understand this one.

6. Fascist Christ – Tony used the funk fingers – made it interesting

7. I saw the Light

8. Temporary Sanity – Tony Played Stick – also interesting

(At his point a woman in front of me starting yelling “S.L.U.T.” every 10 minutes or so during the show, started to get on my nerves a little, but not as much as the guy yelling “DISCO JETS” every few seconds.)

9. Black and White – very very cool, probably the best song of the night. Jessie played the solos during the verses and Todd played the solo solo.

10. Lunatic Fringe – also good

11. No 1 lowest common denominator – also good

12. Drive – Todd forgot the words, everyone cheered

13. Tiny Demons – Todd played the blue eyeball TRs Utopia Guitar. Jessie played some very Crimsony/Belewish sounds

14. Mystified/Broke Down & Busted/Mystified – nice surprise and the middle was really really good. They really played it well.

(I’m not exactly sure if they played Drive, Tiny Demons, and M/BDB/M or Tiny Demons, M/BDB/M, and Drive)

15. S.L.U.T. – Unfortunately, this is the one I will always remember this show by. Not because they played it well, which by the way they really did. But because this one woman stood up by herself during it and spelled our S. L. U. T. with her arms during the song ala Village People/YMCA. Listen, everyone should have a good time, but it was just not something I really ever expected to see. I’m pretty shaken up.

16. The Walls Came Down –

17. One World



World Wide Epiphany

Overall a good show, I really feel lucky to see a few of my favorites play together. Jerry Marrotta was good but didn’t really stand out, Todd sang, played and sounded great, I think he may have sang the verses in the wrong order a few times but it was the first show of the tour. Tony added some interesting touches, didn’t sing a lot. I don’t think the material makes the best use of him, but the bass was awesome and filled so much….Jessie really shined. I kind of also agree with the other reviewer that I think the band could use a keyboardist and I also thought the background vocals were lacking a little bit. You couldn’t really hear Jerry singing and its hard to sing and drum.

All in all it was a really good show, definitely a treat for me.

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4/21/2007 - Atlantic City House of Blues - Atlantic City, NJ

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